River Hill Farm

We are proud to be celebrating our 21st anniversary of involvement with the Speckle Park breed and 6th anniversary of the Summit 3 Sale. We are looking forward to again partnering with Codiak Acres and our new partner Colgan’s Cattle Company, for what we feel will be an exceptional sale.

Our bulls have been developed on a high quality hay ration along with a 14% bull grower pellet. In our herd, we strive for performance while keeping our birthweights moderate. The fastest way to increase your profitability in this market is to increase your pounds weaned and quality of your calves, and high quality bulls are a great start.

We would like thank Floyd Whitney, our herdsman of 19 years. Though he doesn’t attend all the shows and sales with us, Floyd is the reason we can get away to be involved in such events. Thanks also to Glen Zerebeski and Bryce Morland for being part of the crew for many years. Whether it is prepping the animals at the farm or fitting for the show, we know they will be there and always doing an excellent job. Also a very special thanks to Elaine for doing the paperwork that goes along with the purebred business. Thank you to Carla, Mark, Katlin, Cory and Cougen for all of their input and help to make this all possible. Thank you to Christine Boake for picturing and Mark Shologan for doing the videos of the bulls and heifers.


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