Codiak Acres

Our model has never changed. Thick, square, easy-moving, good milking, and great uddered females. Great females produce great bulls.

As a breed, we need to start to use a measuring stick to determine our best. Breed Plan, SNP testing, and Cattlemax are in our headlights.

Sincerely we thank our partners in Summit 3 Sale 2016 – River Hill, Colgan’s, Wattle Grove, and Andy Clark. We could not ask for a better group. It is our belief that this year’s offering is stronger and more consistent than ever before.

In addition, we want to thank Bella Spur who, along with their team, has quarterbacked all of our sales. Thank you Laura and team – a second-to-none job.

Layne Pickett, our herdsman, is an excellent cattle person. If it involves cattle, passion and perseverance make Layne one of the best. Indeed Layne, we are proud to have you as an integral part of our program.

2015 allowed us to participate in starting four new Speckle Park breeding units in Canada. We are so proud.

On behalf of the Kiziak family, we know that it was only you that made us one of the world’s premier Speckle Park breeders.


Gary & Nancy Kiziak and family
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