2013 Sale Results

It was standing-room only with more than 500 spectators in attendance, along with 150 online viewers, to take in the 3rd annual Summit 3 Sale at Northlands’ Farm and Ranch Show in Edmonton, Alta., on April 6, 2013.

Breeders Codiak Acres from Ardrossan, Alta., and River Hill Farm of Neilburg, Sask., offered a tremendous set of cattle and genetics for bidders from across Canada, the United States, Australia, and New Zealand.

The high-selling bull was purchased by Johner Stock Farms of Maidstone, Sask. for $10,250. He was Codiak Calvin 58Y, a stout 2-year-old bull who was very popular in the sale preview. River Hill’s yearling bulls sold very consistently, and were topped by Rough-Rider 105Z who sold to McKillop Farms from Ontario. The high-selling heifer came close to the record set in 2011; Codiak Zana 3Z sold for $17,000 to Clark Haven Farm of Ardrossan, Alta. A shared flush on River Hill’s many-time champion female Cinder 5X sold to new breeder Wrangler Farms for $4,400. Wrangler Farms was also the volume buyer, taking home five lots of genetics and live cattle to start their Speckle Park program.

The sale grossed $195,450 on 38 lots of live cattle and genetics. The breakdown was as follows:

11 – 2-year-old bulls averaged               $6,150
12 – yearling bulls averaged                    $4,392
8 – heifers averaged                                    $6,500
3 – flushes averaged                                    $3,833
7 – embryos averaged                                $907/embryo
60 – units of semen                                     $88/straw